Photos of Olsztyn, tree and architecture

A short trip to Olsztyn, a polish city. This wasn’t event a photographic trip, but two things cought my attention: the only tree on the beach of Ukiel lake and geometry of the building where a stayed. So I took photos.

© Marta Reszka - Poland Olsztyn photos
© Marta Reszka. Poland, Olsztyn.

I like geometry and sharp lines on pictures. Minimalist, modern architecture is a great example. Connection of concrete, wooden panels and glass is a good subject to photograph.

© Marta Reszka - Poland Olsztyn photos, Ukiel
© Marta Reszka. Poland, Olsztyn, Ukiel.

The only tree stayed on this small sandy beach made by human. It looks kind of weird, that is why I like this photo. And the empty chairs look like you could just seat there and watch the tree. A bit abstract.